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We know we need to do something drastic and now to avoid a climate and health disaster for humanity.

But where to start?

Sustainable Brands 2024 Aotearoa will build on the business case for existing solutions that deserve a higher profile and introduce exciting new solutions from around the world that many haven't heard of yet.

By focusing on the intersection of what people want, what brands can deliver and what the world needs, Sustainable Brands 2024 Aotearoa will deliver insights, networks and collaboration ensuring these models secure the profile and support they need.

By design, this platform is open to all players that are genuinely looking to play a role in a positive future.  Only with openness, collaboration and empathy will we find a solution to our current situation.

Come join this inspirational event to contribute, learn and network!

About Sustainable Brands


Be a Thought Leader


Engage a Community


Build Awareness


Build Your Pipeline


12 global chapters

Be a Thought Leader

Participate in the program, take on speaking opportunities, craft topics for breakout sessions, and have your content promoted post-event.​

Engage a Community

Facilitate interactive expo booths, play video commercials during breaks, and make special events, like networking and activities, possible.​

Build Awareness

Get exposure to thousands of participants and feature your logo across marketing campaigns.

Build Your Pipeline

Send your staff to network using event passes and receive contact information for key virtual participants

If you’d like to hear & talk more about these with us, book your seat today.

Who should join?

Products are not sustainable - systems are.  All players within an ecosystem need to be in the room to achieve meaningful change and SB 2024 Aotearoa will provide the platform for engagement across functions and beyond existing perceived value chains.

So why should you be there?

Website setup on laptop

Marketing & Communications

​Meaningful engagement through the value chain and beyond is critical to ensure accellerated adoption of positive business models.

  • Exploring whether 'purpose' is dead

  • Showing the value behind empowering consumers

  • New tools for engaging suppliers, local communities and other stakeholders for timely delivery of the SDGs

Designer Comparing Samples

Product & Service Design

​Systems are a key enabling solution for social and environmental challenges.  SB will be raising awareness of the role these technologies play and the need for them to underpin sustainable models.

  • Designing products and services for the R’s of reduce, regenerate: restore, renew, resilience

  • Breakthrough new business models that empower brands & consumers while building in returns for all.

Blue Print

Business modelling & finance

​With a strong focus on business models there is a role and insights for CFOs and number crunchers throughout an organisation.

  • Principles of regenerative economics and the future of sustainability strategies

  • Quantifying total impact and setting science-based goals for carbon, water, forests, plastic and more


People & Leadership

​CEOs need the courage to lead new business models - but also clarity on the benefits for doing so!

  • Developing the skills and attributes of inclusive, collaborative and regenerative business leadership

  • Connecting employees’ personal purpose with brand purpose for increased motivation and productivity

  • Collaborative innovation leading to radical inclusion and unprecedented shared value


Brand owner companies and likeminded organisations are supporting us.


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