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SB “Value of values” workshop

Join our thought leaders Leyla and Daniel for this invite only workshop that will equip you with insights into the business case for sustainable business models.


As a participant in this invite only workshop you will not only get exclusive access to these amazing thought leaders but, more importantly, will position yourself (and your brand) as leaders in this space.  Leaders equiped with insights into solutions that will help your brand become genuine change makers.


Outputs from this session and follow-up work will be presented at the SB conference early 2025.

SB 2025 Aotearoa conference

Join the Sustainable Brands global community of thought leaders and brand innovators at SB Aotearoa.  Get in-depth insights into the business case for sustainable brands from global thought leaders and innovative brands themselves.  ​


More importantly, become part part of a global community that elevates your brand profile and opens the door to a world of collaboration.

Global conferences

Join the Sustainable Brands community of thought leaders and brand innovators. Talk to us about delegate benefits for global events. Discover how the world’s leading brands are influencing behaviour at scale, empowering consumers to become champions for a regenerative future.

You will connect, learn, collaborate and co-create solutions to facilitate culture change, explore new business opportunities and participate in reshaping the future of society and our environment.

Join us, Sustainable Brands, as together we explore new strategies, tools and solutions for turning challenge into business opportunity to redesign our brands to win in a changing world.

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