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Sustainable Brands is the premier global community of brand innovators who are shaping the future of commerce worldwide. Since 2006, our goal has been to inspire, engage, and equip business leaders and practitioners who see social and environmental challenges as an essential driver of brand innovation, value creation, and positive impact.

We Believe:

  1. Brands are uniquely positioned to align business and society on the path to a flourishing future.

  2. Those brands that embrace this challenge will prosper in the 21st century.

  3. Accomplishing this challenge requires a new way of seeing the world - along with a new set of skills, tools, and collaborators.

Home for Courageous Optimists

We are a global community of brand leaders who are tapping environmental and social challenges to drive innovation, business and brand value.

Unique Perspective

We uniquely bring both creative and technical experts together for lively 'systems thinking in action' conversations geared to help brands succeed.

Bridge to Better Brands

We inspire, engage and equip global brand leaders to prosper by leading the way to a flourishing future.

Leading Platform for Brands

The business case is clear. Subtle shifts in societal aspirations mean brands must discover the ‘next economy’. Failing to engage with consumers on their new level will put brands at an increasing disadvantage. Sustainable Brands is the premier learning, collaboration and communications platform for brands who want to succeed.

Guiding Principles

Serving as a bridge between brand innovators across all circles, we create space for systemic innovation.

Sustainable Brands was founded on the belief that unleashing the best of our human ingenuity and innovation can changes the shape of business, and with it, the world. The desire is to spark new ideas by connecting people from different perspectives and disciplines with each other in optimistic, collaborative environments to create a shared vision of what is possible. The diverse set of creative thinking and technical skills within the community is what sets us apart as the preeminent platform enabling action.

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