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Join us for a one-day Symposium this August 15th with world-class, global  facilitators unpacking the biggest sustainable challenge for business today – unclear Return on Investment (ROI). 

Walk away equipped with the tools to take immediate action!

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Sustainable Brands Aotearoa 2024

You are invited to join an exclusive day workshop hosted by Sustainable Brands Aotearoa, a premier global community of brand innovators shaping the future of commerce worldwide.

When IBM surveyed 3000 CEOs from over 30 countries and 24 industries, their single biggest challenge was sustainability. And the hardest part of addressing it? Unclear Return on Investment (ROI). 

Participate in in-depth workshops and interactive discussions led by industry experts  
and position yourself (and your brand) as leaders in this space.

Walk away equipped with the tools to take immediate action! Your brand is integral to the solution, by incorporating innovative practices into your own business and contributing to the development of a blueprint for sustainability within the wider business landscape. 


Secure your spot today and be part of a first of its kind event that promises to inform the future of Business Sustainability.


Ignite Your Impact, Shape Tomorrow -

Join us for a special event contributing and creating a more sustainable and equitable future for humanity.

Address Urgent Challenges

In the face of pressing global challenges, businesses hold immense potential to drive positive change.

By focusing on the intersection of what people want, what brands can deliver, and what the world needs, SB Aotearoa 2024 aims to elevate business case models that empower businesses to drive actual change through sustainable practices, innovation and responsible leadership.

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Zero waste store

Shape the Future of Commerce

Attending SB Aotearoa 2024 marks the start of a transformational journey towards initiating and implementing sustainable business practices that prioritise long-term value creation, resilience and well-being for current and future generations.

Expand your Network

Forge valuable relationships and connections with like-minded individuals committed to shaping a positive future.  This is an opportunity for your brand to plug into the global sustainability brand community.

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Seize this opportunity create

Sustainable Brands Aotearoa is a premier global community of brand innovators shaping the future of commerce worldwide.   The goal is to inspire, engage and equip business leaders and practitioners to see social and environmental challenges as an essential driver of brand innovation, value creation and positive impact for change.

Join our one day symposium in August 15th with the driving theme Business Case for Sustainability. Explore how sustainable systems, rather than just products, are essential for meaningful change.​

​We will share case studies, practical tools and frameworks that not only demonstrate the tangible benefits and profitability of implementing sustainable solutions for business, but also mitigate global challenges by impacting positively on our planet and society.

SEE YOU AT SB 2024 Aotearoa!

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